Personal Income Tax Return Check List

This checklist will help you gather all the papers that are needed to properly fill out your personal Income Tax Return.

  • T4 Statement of Employment Income
  • T4A Statement of pension, retirement, annuity, old age security, or other income
  • T4RSP Statement of Income from a registered retirement savings plan
  • R4RIF Statement of Income from a registered retirement income fund
  • T4U Statement of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • T-5 Statement of Investment Income
  • T2200 Statement of Allowable Expenses signed by your employer
  • T-5007 Statement of Benefits from WS&IB or Social Assistance
  • T5008 Statement of Securities Transactions
  • T5013 Statement of Partnership Income
  • T3 Supplementary (Capital Gains etc.)
  • T101, T102, T5103 from Exploration & Development Expenses

Official Receipts For:

  • RRSPs
  • Tuition fees
  • Union & professional dues
  • Prescription drugs, medical expenses
  • Charitable donations
  • Property tax paid
  • Children’s fitness amount

Receipts For:

  • All child care expenses or attendant care expenses for a disabled person
  • Moving expenses if you moved 40+km. to a new job or work location
  • Safety deposit box rental
  • Rent paid + name of landlord
  • Interest paid on loans for investments
  • Business investment consultation fees

Self Employed Income:

  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Home Office expenses (include square footage of office and home)
  • Auto expenses (ie. gas, repairs & maintenance, license & registration)
  • New Assets (include copy of invoice)

Other Expenses:

  • Commissioned sales person expenses (similar to business expenses) *
  • Any legal expenses to collect alimony, pension or retiring allowances
  • Information on any business investment losses
  • Schedule of purchase & sale of securities, commissions paid

Personal Information

  • Your Mailing Labels from Revenue Canada
  • Name, Address, Birth date, SIN for: You, Your Spouse, and Your Children. (Your Common-Law spouse is entitled to married benefits if he/she meets certain conditions)
  • Copy of your last tax return
  • Copy of your last Notice of Assessment